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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions, Answered


What is a silent book club?

Individuals get together to read silently in the same place. After a dedicated time of silent reading, individuals can choose to stay and socialize with other members or just go home! View the Silent Book Club network here.

How do I become a member?

Membership is free! Just show up to our event. You can use our contact page to sign up to receive notifications about upcoming events and communications.

How often does Atlanta Metro Silent Book Club meet?

We try to meet twice a month. Check our event page for this month's dates!

Why a silent book club?

There's a lot of different reasons someone might prefer a silent book club. Some people have busy lives and cannot commit to staying on a pre-determined reading schedule. Some people don't like group discussions or want to choose their own reading material. Many of us are just looking to meet new people in a big city. No matter your reasoning, introvert or extrovert, there is space for you here!

Who can join?

We aim to be a safe space for all to enjoy. This group is LGBTQ+ friendly and welcoming of all genders, races, and religions. Behavior or rhetoric that is demeaning or derogatory will not be tolerated. 

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